Raw Material

Stanozolol (Winstrol)

Item No.: 10418-03-8
CAS No: 10418-03-8
Molecular formula: C21H32N20
Molecular weight: 328.5
Appearance: White powder
Assay: 99%min

Stanozolol  is a kind of anabolic steroid drugs, with effect of promotion of protein synthesis, inhibition of protein gluconeogenesis, lowering blood cholesterol and triglycerides, prompting calcium deposition and reducing the role of bone marrow suppression etc.. It can make physical enhancement, appetite increasing, weight gaining. This product has a strong anabolic effect, with 30 times effect than testosterone, and the male hormone activity is 1/4 od methyltestosterone.

Stanozolol  has an effect on preventing and treating hereditary angioedema, and also some consuming disease, such as severe trauma, chronic infection,malnutrition and so on. It is widely used for adults and teenagers to prevent and treat hereditary angioedema, also pediatric usual dose for treatment of angioedema.